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Do you think you have what it takes to manage an F1 team until victory? Now you can do it for free! From Monday, March 20 to Monday, March 27,  Motorsport Manager  will be available to play for free on PC, Mac and Linux, via Steam,  here . During this week you will also be able to purchase Motorsport Manger on Steam with a 50% discount – the discount will be available over the weekend, until Monday, March 27th.

Motorsport Manager puts you in the seat of the pilot of your own F1 team: hire the drivers and the technical team, design the tactics for the day of the race and much more in a game where all decisions matter. Motorsport Manager is more accessible than ever with a 2D mode, allowing you to play with a lower specification PC. You can also create, share and discover content generated by other players, since Motorsport Manager has Steam Workshop, which allows you to design your own team and more.

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