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You’ve seen quite a few game trailers till now – only one game was ominously missing from them without even a hint of a trailer. Yep, you guessed it right – it’s Elden Ring. We have crossed the original release date, and there’s little to no information about the game. COVID-19 has caused delays in all major projects – there’s no doubt about that. The absence of news means that curious people can dig out important news about video games before the news about them come out. A leak has given out quite a few details about the game.

Elden Ring likely to be teased soon.

According to a leak from 4chan, a user who claims to be a part of the Italian translation team for the game has revealed a few facts about the game. The game is made to be a proper Soulslike game, with gameplay akin to Dark Souls and Sekiro. Flexibility in animations, as well as movement, is something which has been a key factor in determining the quality of a Soulslike game. There are five kingdoms, and the king for each kingdom is an enemy boss. The game features quite a few intriguing features borrowed from a looter-shooter, like a decent inventory management system as well as a looting system. There are a working day and night cycle in effect, with enemy mobs, as well as bosses, being more powerful at night – dropping higher tier loot. There are bonfires around the world to pass time and restore health – something which can also be done in towns.

The game apparently has a trailer scheduled for the Xbox digital event in the last week of July. Screenshots should be appearing within a few days, and teases will continue throughout till the actual trailer drop.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt. This leak comes from 4chan and should be treated with some skepticism considering that not all rumors coming from there turn out to be true.

Update: The leak has been debunked. In an IGN interview back in June 2019, director Hidetaka Miyazaki had mentioned that there will be no towns or cityscapes with NPCs to interact with.

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