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[UPDATE 2: Crysis Remastered is real and it’s also coming to Nintendo Switch!]

Crytek had one hell of an April Fool’s joke for the Crysis fanbase a few weeks ago. Or was it? The original story is that Crytek updated its Facebook page and website (crysis.com) featuring a visually stunning background video of the first game’s hero, Nomad. However, upon digging further, the site’s meta tag had the words ‘April Fool’ written over it. And thus, it was deemed a sad April Fools joke.


Now, Crysis’ official Twitter account, which has been dormant for over 3 years has been suddenly brought back to life. The handle put out a recent tweet saying ‘RECEIVING DATA’. What’s more, the updated website hasn’t been removed and still showcases Nomad in all his glory.

We know it might not be much but April Fool has come and gone. This seems too convenient to be an overstayed joke. So, there is high probability that we might see a new product in the IP very soon. Maybe it’s the long-rumored Crysis remaster after all. Or better yet, they might be remastering the full trilogy. With Cry Engine now supporting Ray Tracing, imagine the OG PC melter getting a glorious revamp.

The original Crysis launched way back in 2007 for the PC as a spiritual successor to Crytek’s previous outing, Far Cry. Crysis would remain a graphical powerhouse and a benchmark for testing gaming PCs for years to come, leading to the birth to the popular expression “but can it run Crysis?”. While Crysis was way ahead of its time in terms of raw visual prowess, it wasn’t really future-proof, especially when it came to CPU utilization. Crytek’s prediction of where CPU power would be in the near future was a bit over the mark. It resulted in the game stuttering every now and then even in the most powerful of PCs, 13 years after release. If Crytek is developing a remaster, they can work some magic on the game’s code and make it more ‘current-gen optimized’ while adding new shiny visual effects.

Only time (or potential leaks) will tell.

UPDATE: The aforementioned Twitter account has put out another tweet. This time, it’s the line “hey Nomad, you’re still with us?” from the first game. This all but confirms a Crysis remaster/remake in the works.

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