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Fancied playing an unique 16 card combo to finish off your opponent, but couldn’t pull off the combo? Finally you can pull off those devastating combos not by yourself, but with the help of a friend that you meet via matchmaking, or one from your friend list. Fight side-by-side, with a common health pool, but with different hands and mana. Combine two decks as one, and fight till the game’s over.

A special “Team Battle” event has come to Minion Masters, which allows players to play side by side with another fellow player. The ranked ladders will be different for 1v1 solo queue, 2v2 solo queue (where you are randomly matched with a teammate and two opponents), and 2v2 premade queue (where you get to choose your teammate from your Steam friendlist). Each ranks reset at the end of the season, so your premade queue rank does not depend on which friend you decide to play with.

Are you guys ready to throw down in 2v2 mode? Let us know in the comments below.


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