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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Mini Militia, an extremely popular mobile multiplayer game has finally got its own e-sports event. The event to be held in Delhi, on the 4th Of September, offers a cash prize pool of Rs. 10,000. For a free game that requires only a smartphone to play, this is quite a prize.




Hotel Surya Continental, Pure Club & Lounge, 14, Community Center, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027


Free Registration Online and/or On Spot

Mini Militia, for those who don’t know is a mobile multiplayer shooting game. The game involves various players (upto 16) trying to kill each other in a given map, in a given amount of time. The game can be played online through internet, or locally on local Wifi. Further, players can play together irrespective of their operating system, iOS or Android. In the game, players can pick up various weapons, throw grenades and use melee attacks to kill their enemies. They can also use their jetpack to jump and crouch to avoid being killed themselves. The controls are simplified and are extremely easy to pick up and learn.

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It is this fundamental simplicity of the game, which has probably urged the people behind the event to organize a Mini Militia contest. There is no infrastructure involved, as no computers, laptops, modem, routers or even internet is needed for the actual matches to take place. The registration itself is free, so even if you are passing by and decided to dip your hands in the event, you could. You just need the app and you are good to go.


1st Prize – INR 3,500/-
2nd Prize – INR 2,500/-
3rd Prize – INR 1,500/-
4th to 8th Prize – INR 500/- Each

The popularity of the game can be gauged by the fact that every time you log in yourself to play a game online, you see a large number of players playing simultaneously. The game is also doing big on the general college scene where throngs of college students are getting together and setting up local games.

Are you a fan of Mini Militia? Would you be attending the event? Or do you think all of this is a major waste of time? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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