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EA Sports has announced that two playable characters of Mike Tyson is available in the EA Sports UFC 2 game. These two characters includes an “Iron Mike Tyson” based on his eighties career and a “Legacy Mike Tyson” which is based on the end-days of his career.

Tyson will be able to unlock by making him HALL OF FAME in the Career Mode, but before that you’ll get a day-one availability of Iron Mike Tyson, if you pre-ordered the Standard Edition of EA SPORTS UFC 2. Legacy Mike Tyson will be available to those who owned the Deluxe Edition of the game. Tyson will fight across two different weight classes in the game namely Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight.

Fans who pre-order EA SPORTS UFC 2 not only give them access to Mike Tyson but also makes sure to get one-day access to another two legendary fighters: UFC Hall of Fame and three-time King of Pancrase, Bas Rutten and Japanese MMA legend, “The Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba.

Recently, CM Punk, a former WWE Superstar and a yet-to-be debut UFC fighter was been confirmed to be a playable character in the game, which shocks me a little, as you may see he didn’t even play a single match in the Octagon and still appearing in the game. Whereas the former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar didn’t even make a cut in the game. But if I guess EA SPORTS is making plans to fit Brock Lesnar in the game via downloadable content(so fingers crossed).

Now coming to EA SPORTS UFC 2, which will be out on March 17, 2016. The early look of the game was looks like the best Mixed Martial Arts video game to date and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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