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Scalebound, a new IP of Xbox that got cancelled a few months ago, could be in development. Microsoft has renewed the rights of IP, which has experienced some moves this past month.

At the moment there has been no statement from Microsoft. However, rumors and information have run like gunpowder on the Internet. And they have done it with foundation, according to the latest information on the web Justia.

This website is dedicated to offer all kinds of data on trademarks, including their creation, cancellation and last movements. If we look closely at the latest events related to the Scalebound brand, we can see that, from October (cancellation date) until May, the movements are over. However, this May, the Scalebound brand has been active again.

No details about the developers have been revealed but we are hoping it’s definitely Platinum Games after their masterpiece which was Nier: Automata. If that is the case, this will rise to my personal most anticipated upcoming game.

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