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Camex Games, developers of the insanely popular tactics game, Heroes Tactics, today announced that their recently released PC/Android Hex Grid RPG Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is coming to iOS on January 25. With more than a million players having already downloaded Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena from Steam Early Access (PC) and the Google Play Store, the addition of the iOS version will open the game for even more players who are all set to smash, bash and clash with one another in tactical monster combat!

Battle not only for bragging rights, but for gold, medals and unlockable cards which provide rare items and additional characters. The game features a roster of characters originally met by players in the top-selling Monster Castle game, all of which are designed to be comic and deadly.

Players can pre-order Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena from the iTunes Store right now and Camex Games will reward them with a special Promo Pack of 500 Gems to help them become a tactical PvP master as they control ogres, wizards, archers, demons, barbarians, and more into fighting positions and volley arrows, unleash powerful magic or smash and slash in furious melee action.

Download the Tactical Monsters trailer HERE

View the trailer HERE

NOTE– All players need to do to get their 500 Gem Promo Pack is to follow Camex on Discord, and post their in game Player ID.

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