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There are not a whole lot of people running multi GPU setups, but there are a considerable amount of people wishing to get the maximum performance into a PC and take advantage of multi GPU processing power. Now, not all developers are too keen to go that extra mile and optimize games for SLI/CrossFire, but there are a few developers who understand the importance of respecting consumers with premium hardware.

It seems as if Bioware is one of those few developers, and will be supporting SLi and will take advantage of whatever hardware you throw at the game. This was confirmed in a tweet by Fernando Melo, the same person who confirmed P2P connection for the multiplayer of Mass Effect Andromeda. Here is the Tweet:

Source: Twitter

Now let me be clear, there is no proof of how much advantage the game will take in a multi GPU setup, it is just supported and no benchmarks for multi-GPU setups have been released, so I would tread cautiously if I were you.

So what do you guys, who own multi GPU systems think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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