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Magical action Roguelite Noita is leaving Early Access on October 15

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After spending a year in Steam Early Access, Noita, the roguelite where every pixel is physically simulated is finally ready for a full release. Nolla Games announced that Noita 1.0 is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2020,with its biggest update yet.

Watch the release date trailer below:

1.0 will be Noita’s biggest update yet, featuring tons of new stuff, including new enemies, perks, music, and over 20 spells, as well as a wide range of general game improvements and bug fixes, along with other surprises, and perhaps a new game mode. In addition, the introduction of Twitch integration will allow streamers to let their viewers vote on various in-game events for even more creative surprises!

Also to celebrate the upcoming Noita 1.0 the developers have put a bunch of their games (including Noita) on sale on Steam.

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