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The notorious 2K Games’ MAFIA family walks DRM-free on GOG.com – the digital game store you can’t refuse. Now get the entire series with 66% off everything, or purchase MAFIA, MAFIA II, and MAFIA III individually at 50% off.

Premiering in 2002, MAFIA raised the bar for open-world gaming by setting new expectations for attention to detail, story, and atmosphere. Recently re-released and fine tuned for modern digital distribution on GOG.com, it also set the stage for today’s news!

It seemed like the series went underground after one big score, but MAFIA II emerged eight years later packing the best of the classic in a modern and enjoyable package. It still plays and looks great in 2018 – while at its core the “exciting action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure.” (IGN)

The sequel is likely to leave you hungry for more which makes for a great reason to continue on with MAFIA III – not so much 50s mob tales, more grimy 60s New Orleans. At up to 66% off it’s certainly worth your time, “there’s something undeniably special about Mafia III. The New Orleans-inspired setting and vintage ’60s soundtrack combine with the incredibly rich narrative to create a sense of immersion not often found in triple-A games.” (GameSpot)

The DRM-free version of MAFIA II comes with all DLC in one big package, while additional content for MAFIA III is available for purchase separately. The series sale will last until April 5, 4 PM UTC.

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