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Coming to PC via Steam on the 30th October 2017 Lost Dimension is a Japanese strategy role-playing game featuring fast-paced combat, modern weaponry and a colourful collection of moody teenage characters, each with their unique powers (and personal issues!) You’ll need to befriend each of your teammates and lead them up a mysterious tower topped by a maniacal terrorist bent on the destruction of the world. You can buy a variety of modern weapons plus unlock and combine various powerful psychic gifts. But the greatest part is this: to reach each floor you must eliminate a traitor in your midst in the Judgment room. Hopefully you’ll pick the right one! With traitors different every time, your detective work provides a compelling hook to compliment Lost Dimension’s punchy, fluid and strategic combat.

When Lost Dimensions comes Out , it will have a whopping 40% discount to those who buy the game before the 6th November.  Check out the new trailer below…

Lost Dimension takes players into the near future to a world that lays in ruins thanks to a a terrorist mastermind known only as ‘The End’.  As part of a Special Forces group consisting of eleven young psychics with superhuman abilities players must travel to the summit of a skyscraper that has mysteriously appeared and prevent ‘The End’ from carrying out his threat to destroy all humanity.

Players will be able to use their psychic abilities to find the traitors and take on the enemy across tactically created environments in a strategic turn based battle system.  During combat each person can be positioned so as to shield each other and provide other benefits.  The traitor on each floor of the tower is randomly determined so each playthrough will be completely different.

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