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CI Games today released ‘Clash of Champions’, a new, free Lords of the Fallen update that throws down the gauntlet to players looking for the ultimate challenge. The update features two previously unannounced ‘boss rush’ modes for the dark fantasy action-RPG; players can now replay singular boss battles with previously vanquished foes or confront them sequentially in one of several gruelling trials. Both modes are playable either in singleplayer or with a fellow Lampbearer in online co-op multiplayer. The update also includes additional performance improvements. Available across PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S, Clash of Championscoincides with Lords of the Fallen’s debut today on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Today’s update closely follows Version 1.5 – Master of Fate, the concluding part of Lords of the Fallen’s post-launch content roadmap, released at the end of April. Master of Fate represented the culmination of over 30 post-launch updates, significantly improving performance, stability and difficulty balancing across the board, in addition to several substantial content drops. It also featured an advanced game modifier system, allowing players to customise several in-game mechanics (including number of enemies, randomised loot, and pre-upgraded weapons) to make their adventure easier, harder, or simply a completely new experience every playthrough.

Accessible through the game’s Vestige checkpoint markers, the Boss Rush modes feature two distinct experiences for players: ‘Echoes of Battle’ and ‘Crucible’. While Echoes of Battle allows players to relive their favourite boss encounters, including Ellianne the Starved, Congregator of Flesh, and Radiant Sentinel, Crucible is a series of six increasingly challenging trials of pre-selected bosses that must be overcome without dying to unlock rewards, including Shrine Currency and exclusive new armour tincts.

“We’re delighted to welcome the many new players exploring Lords of the Fallen’s dual worlds for the very first time thanks to the game’s addition to the incredible Game Pass library,” said Saul Gascon, Executive Producer, HEXWORKS. “We’re extremely excited to greet this new wave of Lampbearers with the surprise release of our ‘Clash of Champions’ update, which includes the all-new Boss Rush modes as requested by our community. These new additions further add to the extensive gameplay variety Lords of the Fallen already offers, especially following the recent inclusion of the Advanced Game Modifier System.”

Official Website: https://lordsofthefallen.com/

Purchase Link: https://lordsofthefallen.com/buy-now

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lotfgame

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/cigames


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