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Valorant is quickly shaping up to become the “next big thing” on India’s esports scene. We’ve seen quite a few CSGO professionals shift over to Riot’s hot new take on the FPS genre since its launch. There’s a slew of tournaments happening across the country which has officially kickstarted an interest in many players who aspire to go pro in it – and every esports organization in the country has their eyes on them. With new tournaments come new teams – and LevelZero Esports is one of them. Most fans will know them as firm competitors in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, but it seems that they are expanding their horizon beyond just Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends – setting their eyes on the ‘real prize’.

LevelZero Esports brings the might of former Apex Legends and Call of Duty players to their Valorant squad. Paddox is one of APAC’s best Apex Legends players. Yolo, Aura and Karzemo are two players having similar achievements in Apex Legends, shifting over from the former Apex Legends roster to the newly formed Valorant roster. Aura and Doxz3r also boast of being former professional Call of Duty players – Doxz3r having the experience of playing in quite a few international and national Call of Duty 4 tournaments. It’s quite a star-studded team, and people will be looking to see them in action in the tournaments to come.

The lineup now looks:-


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