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In what was planned to be an ARK : Survival Evolved podcast, where the devs talk about promising mods as well as modifications made to make the game more friendly and accessible for beginners, a footage of a promising new game was seen. The game was called Atlas, and is about seafaring adventurers.

The brief gameplay footage shown in the video has since been taken down by Studio Wildcard. However, once something hits the Internet, it stays on the Internet. The trailer has been reuploaded to Youtube by a guy who happened to have recorded the clip in time with NVIDIA Shadowplay. The trailer is really a game about adventurers who wish to explore the unknown islands in the sea, plunder enemy ships for loot, and upgrade their base on an island few know about. (Also, cute bears bulling carts!)

Studio Wildcard has not given clarification about why the clip was deleted. In all probability, this video will likely be taken down as well. But before it does, be sure to have a glimpse!

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