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Name your price storefront LBO and Deadly Premonition publisher Rising Star Games are proud to announce they have put pen to paper on a deal to bring seventeen of Rising Star Games PC titles to LBO.

“We asked some of our early adopters what they want to see from LBO, and their response was clear, they want to see an even wider catalog of titles,” said Alex Childs, CEO of LBO. “That is why we are so thrilled to be working together with Rising Star Games. Few publishers out there can offer such a diverse catalog of titles, and we can’t wait to see the reaction from our audience!”

“It’s been great working in close partnership with LBO to fine tune and deliver a comprehensive catalog of titles with engaging content that we’re known and loved for,” said Martin Defries, Managing Director at Rising Star Games. “It’s a very exciting time for digital retail and LBO enters the digital marketplace with a different approach. Giving their audience a chance to negotiate a price breaks all of the traditional molds for consumers to get the best deals.”

This deal marks the seventh publisher to join in LBO’s fight against gray market code sellers, and offers a ringing endorsement of their revolutionary new approach to selling games. “Our goal is simple, we want to get people great deals on great games, without forcing them to wait for the next sale,” Childs added. “We want to help awesome publishers like Rising Star Games reach more customers and guard against gray market interference.”

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