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PUBG Lite Beta Expands to all SAARC Countries in the Next Phase

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PUBG Lite officially announced its next phase of expansion. The game, presently in beta, will be expanding to all SAARC countries in the next phase of expansion. Starting out in Thailand and later expanding to South East Asia as a whole, it’s finally time to experience the game without a VPN (yeah yeah, put your pitchforks down, we all know what y’all did to play the game).

PUBG Lite has a special pre-registration event going on that gives players access to special in-game cosmetics. This includes a Tiger skin for the M416 and a Cheetah skin for the parachute. However, more cosmetics were made available after the overwhelming response to the pre-registration event. The event has already crossed 2 million registrations, awarding six additional cosmetics. The game’s official release date hasn’t been announced, though it is likely that it will become available to all SAARC countries by June 25th during the Steam sale. PUBG Lite will be free to play at launch.

For all those who wanted to play PUBG on their PCs but couldn’t because your PC wasn’t strong enough to support it, now’s your chance to play the game.

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  1. thanks for sharing the news been waiting long for the pubg pc lite version, do you know the pc requirements for this?

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