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If you are one of the few who still haven’t heard (or cared) about Counter Strike : Global Offensive in 2018, and want to give it a try for free killing bots offline, then there’s something that might interest you. With the new update, Counter Strike : Global Offensive is officially made free for offline play.

You will be able to access all modes you can normally access when you are playing the game, except that your enemies will be bots. Not only that, you would be able to view matches through GOTV link – be they small local tournaments, or matches from majors themselves.

Player count for CSGO have dwindled over the years, and the best opportunity to promote dwindling viewer counts for majors is to make CSGO permanently free to allow more people to see the matches.

The update also removes the old Scaleform UI permanently, and adds optimizations to the new Panorama UI for low-end machines. Several other bug fixes and general optimizations for the Panorama UI have also been added in the update. The update also revamps configuration options while using a Steam Controller.

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