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Well, well, well… there you are. Just crowned as King of France. It could be such a nice life now, but your royal court demands your attention: England is amassing troops in Aquitane – again! First, you’ll send out a spy to find out what they are up to, and maybe to talk to some important nobles with rebellious ideas. For this, however, money is needed. A new trade agreement with Flanders will help. And, as if the English weren’t nerve-wracking enough, that fool of a Pope is calling for a new crusade. Denying the request will cool down our relations… we need to send a cleric to Rome to negotiate. And now, bring in my marshalls, it’s time to muster our armies and strike at the English. They will soon learn that challenging the mighty kingdom of France has consequences!

This is just one of many stories, you can experience in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, THQ Nordic’s first step into the Grand Strategy genre.

The game is releasing on December 6th for PC and was created in cooperation with the veteran game developers at Black Sea Games. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign offers all the depth players expect from a medieval grand strategy game plus high approachability: You will not have to spend 10 hours just to learn how the game works.

Choose one of over 200 medieval kingdoms, duchies, sultanates, margraviates, caliphates, tsardoms, or an early republic and lead it to glory or ruins. Manage the economy, develop cities and towns, and guide people’s religion. You can wage medieval total war, become a renowned crusader king, or become a wise diplomat – it’s up to you to establish a legacy that will live across generations!

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is launching on PC on December 6th, 2022.
You can find it on Steam. 

Choose your kingdom and be the king as you wrestle over control of Europe in this fresh take on medieval real-time grand strategy. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign includes all the depth players desire while being the gateway game to the grand strategy genre, presenting the world as a living, breathing miniature, alive and ripe for the taking. Choose your royal court carefully and determine the destiny of your people, be it riches, conquest, intrigue, trade, or defeat! Raise armies to defend your lands or take war to the enemy – even jump into battle directly in action-packed RTS combat. The path is open: become the true Sovereign of your people.

  • Accessible Grand Strategy – From religion to city development, experience exciting depth with better approachability than ever
  • Real-Time Gameplay – Medieval Europe comes alive, no turns needed
  • Royal Court – Appoint Marshalls, Clerics, Merchants, Diplomats, and Spies to exert your will across the land
  • RTS Battles – Directly lead your armies in riveting RTS combat
  • Robust Multiplayer – Join with multiple friends to take on the challenges of medieval Europe
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