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Knight Of the Frozen Throne Expansion for Hearthstone Gets Release Date

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Dark Light

If you’re eager for the transition from the lush, dense vegetation of the forests of Un’Goro to the frozen, dead north of Northrend, worry no more! The Lich King is here to announce the official day living beings will be allowed on the Frozen North, or Northrend, home of the Undead Scourge. Little do the visitors know that they will be eternally bound to the Lich King and forced to serve him, but, then again, maybe some adventurers come to the North to seek glory in fighting the undead and going down with a fight, rather than on a vacation which ends up with them becoming mindless zombies.

Knights of the Frozen Throne releases August 10. It is the day of reckoning, when the Death Knights rise to defend the Lich King from the Living Horde, seeking the Undead’s destruction. The Death Knights will employ a variety of weapons at the Scourge’s disposal, in order to take down the Living, including minions which steal health from the living when they attack – an ability called Lifesteal. Also,many classes, most importantly Shaman and Mage, gain the power to freeze opponents via various means, be they spells or minion effects. And as expected, the Death Knights will employ the Deathrattle effects of the minions against the Living – this set is so full of them.

Are you guys excited for the advent of a new meta?

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