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I just booted up Rocket League about 20 minutes ago (At the time of writing) only to find out that I couldn’t play online because servers were down. I hadn’t seen any news regarding any sort of maintenance, and hence proceeded to twitter to get to know more. There I found the below Tweet:

The tweet took me by surprise due to it’s phrasing upon which I further investigated what was going on. So apparently, according to The Verge:

“Comcast’s internet service, Xfinity, appears to be suffering an outage across the country. DownDetector.com shows it being down around the United States, including in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. So far, online reports don’t suggest that TV service or home phones are affected.”

Now I am not a tech expert, but I tested out CSGO and it ran just fine and I am wondering because, just like CSGO Rocket League also has various servers across the world. According to The Register:

“Level 3 is one of the trunk roads of the internet that links big networks: if it goes down, it takes nearly everyone else with it. As such, folks also reported massive connection problems with Comcast’s home and business internet services here in the USA. The cableco has blamed Level 3 for knocking out its connections. Vonage, a VoIP provider that relies on Comcast, also experienced downtime today, briefly cutting off phones including those in El Reg’s San Francisco office.”


While I can’t confirm the status of XBLA, PSN isn’t down according to PlayStation Network Status. I am not sure when the servers will come back online, but let’s hope they fix the problem ASAP.

Update: The servers are back up now.

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