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During Disney’s own D23 Expo at “Level Up! The Walt Disney Company’s Video Game Showcase” panel hosted in Anaheim, Insomanic Games and Marvel releases a video footage of their upcoming PS4 exclusive Spiderman game.

The video footage gave us “An Inside Look” at Marvel’s Spiderman with a bit of gameplay. Developers revealed some interesting details about the game and how close this project is to their heart.

Ultimate Spider-Man is the main influence behind the game, according to the developers. We’ve also learned that in-game Peter Parker is 23 years old and he has already been Spider-Man for eight years now.

According to art director, Jacinda Chew, Parker is already familiar with his power, he’s not just exploring them or discovering anything new about them.

Insomniac Spiderman PS4
Peter Parker’s Room – Concept Art

Interestingly, we got a look at some art from the game that showcases Peter’s room with much detail. The developers also talked about Mr. Negative in the video above. The video certainly raises my eyebrows when I saw Spider-Man holding a whole car above him.

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