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1. Constellation Distantia

Constellation Distantia is a space survival game with a heavy focus on narrative and open ended story. It fuses together a story driven gameplay, great amount of planetary systems to explore and entertaining mechanics with fast paced free flying and planet scale explosions.

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2. Take On Mars

Fans of the ARMA series should be excited for this one, because ithis title is being developed by Bohemia Interactive. Take On Mars is a survival game that tasks players with exploring the Red Planet and establishing a base of operations. A significant focus is placed on operating vehicles, such as Mars Rovers, lander modules, and scientific probes. These are used to gather data which in turns helps players establish the first Mars colony – which introduces resource management elements and base building.

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Note- This game is already available in Early Access, but it’s final release date is set this year.

3. Pine

From what the developer says, Pine is a game with the adventure aspect of Zelda games, the intriguing nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor, Fable’s choice-dependent progression and the dance-like combat of Bloodborne. Guess that’s enough for me to get excited. What about you?

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4. Immortal Rednecks

Immortal Redneck is a FPS set in Egypt with roguelite elements: random generated dungeons, permadeath, different classes with their own abilities, a skill tree and lots and lots of weapons and abilities. The setup is very simple: the redneck won a trip to Egypt, but after some unfortunated event, he ended up mummified and shooting mythological monsters while trying to understand what has happened to him.

5. Damsel

Damsel is a single-player, fast paced, arcade-platformer game, framed in a ‘Dark Disney’ aesthetic with a pumping synth soundtrack. The player assumes the role of Damsel, and mysterious agent charged with the goal of saving the world from the growing vampire hordes. Players use Damsel’s great agility and skills, along with her UV shotgun to clear each mission and uncover a conspiracy that will lead them around the world.

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