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It is republic day today and we thought that we’d do something patriotic on the occasion. And what is a better way to do it than to show you what Indians are doing for gaming in the country. Gaming is rising from just being a cult culture and is evolving as a major market for gamers and developers alike. Here is a look at some of the exciting stuff that Indians are doing for the Gaming Industry.


YetiTech Studios- Kickstart to AAA Indian Games?


YetiTech Studios had shown their magic at comic con with an unnamed game (because most of the 3d models had been downloaded from various marketplaces however all the code was developed in-house), which gathered a lot of attention. This year, they are planning to make a F2P FPS Multiplayer with their own 3d models, ship a stable build of the game and also hold an eSport Tournament with the game. The YetiCup Championships 2016 eSports Tournament will be held later this year at YetiCon. They are also planning something new this year, a YetiCosplay Championship where they will be giving the best Cosplayer a prize. The event will be open for all. Last year they were able to make a game with a team of 3 guys and 5 guys with hearing impairment, within a time span of 1 month and also hosted the first eSports tournament in India with a game made by Indian developers. Many people had the chance to play the game and numerous people took second helpings. One kid went as far as playing the game for 6 times in a single day. Now that’s saying something. They may well be the next Treyarch or DICE in the following years. Presently they have not been approached by anyone in the Indian Gaming Industry. We hope that they get the necessary support so that India can enter into international mainstream gaming.

Facebook- facebook.com/YetiTechStudios
Twitter- twitter.com/YetiTechStudios


Cezor- PC Masterrace (Seriously)


Tired of the overpriced Alienware or a wannabe computer expert trying to sell you his local stuff. Cezor is here to help you. They are bringing high performance, custom built (Modded) PCs to the Indian market in association with Cooler Master and are doing it with a twist. They are aiming to create and spread awareness about PC gaming and how people can utilize maximize a PC’s utility. They also want people to go insane with creativity and try to imagine their PCs as more than just Black Boxes. India is a huge market and is also one of the most populated countries in the world and if the people at Cezor are able to create enough resonance with the people, they’ll definitely be one of the leading brands for customized PCs in India. With E-sports on the rise, a plethora of games coming out and people realizing the potential of the Indian market, PC gamers have a lot to look forward to. Cezor with their high IQ (Imagination Quotient) are going to be there for all you PC gamers out there and will be bringing beautiful, powerful, customizable and practical desktops that will offer the gamers smoother machines to be able to get better at what they do best – Gaming!

Facebook- Facebook.com/cezorindia
Twitter- Twitter.com/cezorindia


Absentia- An alternative to Oculus?


As we had mentioned in a post recently, about the VR device Oculus Rift, the Indian market is not ready for it. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot experience VR. Absentia, a company established in Bangalore, is a team of BITS Goa graduates, who are bringing VR to the Indian market. We had tried out their VR device called Tesseract at the IGX and were definitely impressed. We can’t really compare the other VR devices such as Oculus or the PSVR to Tesseract, but seeing that they have a whole lot of features other than just VR, we think they are running parallel to the competition. We were going to post about the technology they were using in the Tesseract, but then the final draft looked too complicated to understand for the general public, so we decided to not post about it (Sorry Absentia). Another factor which may entice people to get the device is it’s reasonable price point. The 1080p device is priced at 14k INR and the 1440p device is at 20k INR. That being said, they are also going to display their device in CES 2016 and other conferences throughout the year, which will be a huge leap for India.


Cyber Gaming Entertainment (CGE)- Rise of E-sports

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It is becoming quite redundant, but we have mentioned ‘Rise of E-sports’ many times by now. And looks like CGE is going to be working hands in hands with the gamers to make sure that E-sports gets the reception it deserves. They are going to work with more and more brands, introduce eSports to those companies who just know eSports in the way of kids playing games all the time. And yes, they will also help gamers with Natec Genesis Gaming gears by providing them the kit at the best prices. They are going to be organizing some events throughout the year and gamers should definitely look out for them. Earning something is always a great incentive in the Indian society and all the gamers should be excited about the amount of prizes they are going to win everytime they win any of the events. Their next event is just around the horizon. So all gamers, be ready with your gaming equipment because- This is War.


Has the Indian gaming industry started setting foot in the international market? What do you think about the Industry? Let us know in the comments down below.

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