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Bloodless, a stylish retro action-adventure game featuring the swift Ronin Tomoe got a brand-new gameplay trailer during Realms Deep 2023. Developed by Point N’ Sheep, Bloodless features fast-paced combat centered around ronin Tomoe’s signature dash-counter mechanic, fighting with nothing but her bare fists to disarm her former allies, the samurai army of Shogun Akechi.

Watch the trailer below:

Bloodless features:

Precise Combat: Fight to disarm your old allies, Akechi’s samurai army, with nothing but your bare fists using Tomoe’s signature dash-counter mechanic. Enhance your abilities by drinking infusions of herbs scattered around the land.

Moody Environments: Explore the sacred nature and suffered districts of Bakugawa, where its society lives under a violent and corrupt military regime, isolated from the world and shattered by the terrors of its past wars.

Emotional storytelling: Even as a coward and deserter through the eyes of her own people, ronin Tomoe returns to her former land after witnessing all the blood that a blade can shed, hoping to spark the hope and courage Bakugawa needs to fight back its violent political methods.

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