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Basically, Hoops Mode is a free basketball content update for Rocket League – announced last month – now coming next week.

Hoops mode will add a “dynamic basketball twist” to the soccer-meets-driving game. The update also includes the Dunk House arena, and the net can even be used as a ramp for the ball and Aerials. Developer Psyonix said that wall-play will be the “key to victory.”

Watch the Hoops Mode in action below:

Players can purchase the NBA Flag Pack premium DLC for $1.99 which gives access to all 30 NBA team logos as in-game flags. However, even if you opt out from getting the DLC, every player who patches the game will have a free NBA logo flag that they can equip straightaway in any mode.

Rocket League Hoops update will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One April 26.

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