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A redditor who goes by the username “fhlkd” has leaked some in-game screenshots plus gives a ton of info on Ubisoft’s hack and slash game, For Honor.

Its been leaked presumably from the closed alpha and the account who leaked this stuff has since been deleted (seems like it was created only for this purpose) however the post has made its way to NeoGAF.

Here’s the full post:




Everything above is running on Low and using FXAA.

When the game boots up it asks you your favorite faction (Vikings, Samurai, Knights), choosing it doesn’t affect anything right now, probably fighting for your faction in the future or something.

You have your own emblem, can fully customize it however you want. Independent of what faction you chose, you can use any class on combat.

There’s 1v1 (Duel), 4v4 (Dominion) and 2v2 (Brawl) which is not available atm. On 4v4 (and supposedly 2v2) anyone can be any class, so you have knights fighting with vikings against samurais for example.

Each faction has 2 classes (guessing that’s gonna expand) making a total of 6 classes at the moment.

Vikings: Raider (two-handed axe,
slow but powerful) and Berserker (two axes, fast).

Knights: Warden (greatsword, well balanced) and Conqueror (chained mace and shield, tank).

Samurai: Kensei (some sort of katana, same guy from the viking campaign trailer) and Orochi (very agile, same from the reveal).

You can choose male or female for any of these, each hero is fully customizable including colors, tatoos, symbols, all types of armor like head, chest, legs, arms, etc…

There’s an in-game currency called Steel, but it’s nicely balanced, you aren’t grinding out your brains for anything.

There’s emotes and executions (2 you can use while playing, there’s another 2 you can purchase with your currency). There are the feats from the reveal, each class or faction has different ones.

There are daily challenges and the like. “6” maps, it’s really 3 maps and the other three are just reusing assets from those, they’re still different though, each map is based on a faction. Lots of unused stuff, game still has more to show it seems.

The combat itself isn’t hard but it isn’t a piece of cake too, it’s well-made though, the controls are nice.

You have your light attack, your heavy attack, a guard break, and unblockable and each class has a unique thing to them (for example Berserkers can charge enemies and grab them while doing so).

Maps have lots of environment you can use like ledges, spikes and fire. You can do air attacks while looking down on a ledge.

NPC’s (the smaller enemies) are killed with one attack, you can chain those attacks together.
While battling you can chain attacks and confuse your enemy by changing directions, the combat is full of mind games, but isn’t very in-depth.

You can also parry.

Ask away.

For Honor is slated to release on February 2017.

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