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Surprise, surprise, surprise! Finally some big game has partnered with AMD for a bundle and it’s Hitman. It has been a long time since AMD has partnered with such a huge franchise. With Nvidia partnering up for bundles with most companies these days, it is refreshing to see AMD getting something¬†and also infusing some technology of it’s own. Hitman is one of 2016’s most anticipated games and we are definitely going to play it.

The R9 380 X. Buy one and get Hitman for Free
The R9 380 X. Buy one and get Hitman for Free

But do not flip over your head right now. It seems that the offer is only applicable on high end GPUs, the R9 390/390X or high end processors which include FX 6/8 core processors. AMD has seen a decline of sales in the last few years and hence needs to jump back. No wonder they are offering the game at GPUs which cost above INR 30000. But if this campaign gets a decent response we may see an increase in AMD’s market. This also means that the game will be optimized for AMD cards which is good.hitman_world_game_detail_banner

AMD has had a rough patch recently and we are hoping that they are able to come out. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the bundle and whether you would consider of redeeming the offer.

IO-Interactive is in a similar boat as AMD, and really want Hitman to do well. The game is going through a re-birth of sorts, with the series becoming episodic in its latest iteration. And the open PC BETA for HITMAN opens today. So there is a lot going on around here, and a lot of expectations are riding on the game too. Here is hoping it lives up to all of them.

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