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New Zealand-based game developer Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP announced today that the 1.0 launch of their grappling hook swinging shooter Sky Noon is coming on December 18. The 1.0 launch will feature updates to the current game, including an all new game mode called “Money Bags,” where players will compete in a Free-for-All competition by collecting coins around the map and depositing them in the bank. Additionally, Duels and Time Trials will receive a revamp with customization options being added as well as a new map to Duels!

Sky Noon 1.0 Added Launch Features:
  • All New Game Mode – “Money Bags”: In the new Free-for-All game mode, “Money Bags,” players collect coins around the map to add to their bank. Eliminate other plays to steal their coins and add an extra 10 to your tally! First player to bank enough cash or who has banked the most when time runs out wins.
  • New Duel Map: In the all new “Ice Spires” map, players will find themselves on a small map with very few places to land forcing them to battle mid-air while grappling between ice towers.
  • Time Trial Updates: Time Trials have now been grouped into Leagues and completing a League will give players a new grapple cosmetic. Leagues will be broken up into Beginners, Intermediate, Attack, and Advanced Leagues, giving players the opportunity to level up as they progress. Get either a gold or platinum medal in a trial to unlock a new grapple cosmetic!
  • New Weapon Progression: Unlock up to eight new colors and styles for each of the air powered weapons, in addition to brand new unlockable models.

Named by Game Informer as one of the Best Indie Games at PAX East 2018, Sky Noon takes place in a reinvented Wild West universe where the frontier floats among the clouds. Powerful factions crave to control the most precious resource in the West – water. Players take the role of hired gunslingers that battle opposing fighters across floating islands in the sky. There are no health meters in Sky Noon; instead, to eliminate enemies, players use various super-power compressed air weapons to send them flying out of their boot spurs! Grappling hooks and lassos are constantly used to prevent players from falling off into the great blue sky. Combined with other items like steam-powered jet boots, jump pads, teleporters, and more, cowboys need to be quick on the draw and light on their boots in the fast-paced, aerial mayhem of Sky Noon.

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