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Remedy and NVIDIA have been doing their best to hype the real-time ray tracing effects that will be featured in CONTROL
A few days ago Nvidia Showcased a REAL-TIME ray tracing video of Control that you can watch below


Now a new set of screenshots has surfaced, showcasing the visual difference between the game’s vanilla Very High/Ultra settings and RTX.

[twenty20 img1=”49848″ img2=”49847″ offset=”0.5″ before=”RTX Off” after=”RTX On”] [twenty20 img1=”49838″ img2=”49854″ offset=”0.5″ before=”RTX Off” after=”RTX On”] [twenty20 img1=”49851″ img2=”49859″ offset=”0.5″ before=”RTX Off” after=”RTX On”]


These screenshots of Control with and without ray tracing are useful – they can help PC players decide if they need a GPU upgrade, while console players can get a better idea of what sort of improvements next-gen might yet bring.

Moreover, we already know Control’s Official System Requirements, for more information check here – http://www.gameffine.com/control-official-system-requirements-revealed/

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