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Hearthstone, the card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and played by millions of players around the globe, has tons of features to keep players around for the long term. However, certain features had made gold farming in the game (gold is the in-game currency) a bit tedious, especially for new players who has started out without much monetary investment. But now, due to a few recent changes that Blizzard are about to bring to the game, things might change a lot.

Blizzard had allowed a “Friendly Feud” last year at some point in July 2016 and in February this year (in 2017) , which allowed players to play with their friends and complete their daily quests. The immense positive feedback from the community made Blizzard rethink their decision of making it a time-limited event, and implement changes to the game so as to make the “Friendly Feud” a global event. In other words, the changes coming in the next patch enable players to complete quests while playing with their friends. Players now have a reason to add their opponents and play with them instead of completing their quests in Play mode against random opponents. (There was a restriction that one player had to be reduced to 15 hp or concede after playing for 5 minutes for the quest counter to trigger properly, which was never verified) This also means that farming gold becomes a lot easier than it was, which definitely means value for new players for rack up gold (as long as they have friends to help out). Some quests which demands a player to play against the AI (or the so-called Innkeeper) or spectate a friend winning cannot be completed by playing against a friend, other than, players are free to come out of their bondages and play the game more freely than before, because farming gold isn’t a headache anymore.

Also, the frustrating days of copying decks from websites or from social networks to use in game, by keeping browser tabs open, as one carefully copies the cards one by one to make a new deck. A handful new feature has arrived, which allows one to export decks from the game, or import decks from others. There is a “Copy” button at the top, near the Hero portrait, which allows one to export a deck one it’s complete (that is, has a complete assortment of 30 cards). Importing decks are even simpler, once a valid deck is copied to the clipboard, one gets the option to build a fresh deck or build a deck from the one stored on the clipboard. Missing cards will have a blurry texture, just like normal deck recipes, which can be replaced with other cards from the collection.

This is a brilliant announcement by Blizzard, and they are finally listening to the community, and implementing features to help make the gameplay experience enjoyable. What are your thoughts on this announcement? Let us know in the comments below.



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