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Another Hearthstone meta is imminent, with the rise of the new expansion called Journey to Un’Goro, featuring 135 new collectible cards, and 23 new legendaries as well! The new expansion is expected to be successful in its attempt to cleanse the meta of the stupid pirate and Reno decks that have not climbed below tier 2, beside the annoying jade decks that overwhelm you if you hold out too long. The meta has been extremely stale for a few months, and Blizzard Entertainment’s only chance at reviving is Un’Goro – by forcing players to walk the paths in the deeply forested region of Un’Goro crater, a region from World Of Warcraft known for its exotic plant life and elementals roaming around freely, beside the aggressive fauna with their devastating powers of adaptation.

Un’Goro has received highly deserved applause with each card reveal, and it’s expected to turn the meta around, and shape it in a different way. There’s more to Hearthstone than tons and tons of jade golems, pirates and treasure (“We’re gonna be rich!” hearing this every game makes me sick) . The stale meta, as well as high hopes of change kept people glued to the Internet every day, in case a card is revealed.

Un’Goro marks a new year of festivities in Hearthstone, with Year of the Mammoth marking a series of rotations from standard format. The adventures of Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers are rotating out into wild, and the only way to unlock them in the future is to obtain atleast one wing of the adventures with gold or real money. Once one wing is unlocked, all other wings can be unlocked using gold, but not real money. Also, the Grant Tournament expansion is rotating out, which means that its card packs won’t be purchasable any more from the shop. All cards will however be craftable with dust, in case players care about playing in the wild format.

There are quite a few handy pointers one should follow in the days leading up to Un’Goro to ensure that they spend money and dust in the best way possible :

1) Get the preorder packs if you can. The preorder allots 50 packs, which is an extra of 10 packs for the amount of $50. The extra packs can add often make a lot of difference.

2) Try and use Amazon coins for ordering packs whenever possible. They offer a decent way to cut costs for the budget player. If one doesn’t have a decent Android phone, there are ways of using Android emulators to buy and use Amazon coins. Amazon coins have an cashback offer right now that returns 500 coins if Un’Goro is preordered using Amazon coins. It ends on the day Un’Goro is scheduled to release.

3) Do not craft anything on the very first days of the meta as a rule. Also, it is not worth disenchanting anything just before the release. The famous example of everyone crafting Troggzor the Earthinator on the first day of the release of the Goblins Vs Gnomes expansion should be kept in mind. Troggzor had good stats and a good ability, however it ended up seeing little to no play. On the other hand, some Mean Streets of Gadgetzan legendaries like Finja the Flying Star had seen little to no play at the beginning of the meta, but now is run in several decks.

4) It is always worthwhile to save up gold for spending on Un’Goro packs once the expansion drops. if a sizeable amount of gold is not saved up, it is worthwhile to do arenas  (and keep repeating it). Arenas help earn a decent amount of rewards for the gold rewards, so patiently spending gold on arena is a better way to improve the collection than spending it on single packs.

The new expansion packs quite a lot of punch, throwing in two new mechanics. One is the power of the flora and the fauna in Un’Goro to “adapt”, or to gain special abilities to cope up in a hostile board situation. This abilities include Divine Shield,Taunt,stat buffs,Stealth and much more. Also another important mechanic is the Quest mechanic, which is based on the adventure of Elise Starseeker and her junior adventurers in the Un’Goro crater. The quest plays in a similar way like secrets, except that opponents can actually track a quest’s progress, unlike a secret, which cannot be seen by an opponent. On fulfilling the conditions, a card is awarded, and the cards awarded by a quest are some of the most powerful cards in the game. The new mechanics will provide a respite from the face punching aggro and gut wrenching board control decks that survived the Gadgetzan meta.

In case anyone wants to view any card of the upcoming set, they can do it from Disguised Toast’s website, who has created a database of all the cards in Un’Goro.



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