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Blizzard has officially declared the release date for the next expansion for their digital card game Hearthstone. Dungeons and Catacombs, and all its cards, will open for the players on December 7 for North America and Asia, and November 8 for Europe.

Login shortly after the release of the expansion in your respective region to get 3 Kobolds and Catacombs card packs for free. Blizzard is also trying to sweeten your experience by throwing in a brand new legendary class weapon along with the packs. (if you’re following the cards, then you will know that each class has two legendaries, a legendary weapon, and a creature legendary)

Additionally, 3 packs are granted from Dungeon Run quests which will be given on release day, bringing the total packs given out to 6. Of course, if you want to be prepared for the newest expansion, the best value would come from preordering the expansion, at $0.99 a pack. Preordering also adds a brand new card back to add to your collection!
Let’s hope your stashes of gold are in a good shape, because…..YOU…..NO……..TAKE……..CANDLE!



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