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With the expansion of esports, and organizers trying to fit into the gaming ecosystem of many budding cities in India, the number of competitive players is on the rise. This was seen in the participation at the Chandigarh qualifier of the LudusPro FIFA tournament. The hospitality offered by the organizers as well as the 100 INR vouchers given out was appreciated by everyone attending the qualifier. Chandigarh has not seen tournaments of niche esports of this scale before, which prompted many players to come and play for a chance to get the slot at the national tournament.

The tournament was full of twists and turns, with each match was exciting and worth watching. Finally, Gurbir Singh managed to clutch the win after a successful comeback from the loser’s bracket in the playoffs. He’ll be setting off for Lion’s Den, Gir, for seeing how good he is as compared to the other players.

Chandigarh had a fair share of FIFA action during the qualifier, with gamers as young as 15 or 16 years making an appearance at the store. It’s finally good to see that the culture of gaming and esports is spreading through to cities that had been left out of the action before.

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