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En Masse Entertainment released today a new video that gives players a glimpse of TERA’s next playable class, coming soon to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players can take control of the most bombastic class in the game when the gunner makes her debut on consoles.

Armed with a potent Arcannon and programmable combat constructs, the gunner can defeat enemies from anywhere on the battlefield. Her high-powered arsenal along with specialized ammunition and unique gadgets makes her an explosive addition to the combat roster.

The gunner is a fast-moving, ranged class that excels at high-DPS output and is built for clearing out mobs with powerful area-of-effect attacks. But she’s not just a one-shot class… in addition to being at home as a ranged fighter, the gunner boasts heavy armor and impressive close quarter combat skills that make her a deadly threat no matter the foe. Add in a bit of girl power and the ability to summon specialized constructs, and you’ve got “True Action Combat” on steroids.

For more information on the gunner, including class overviews and details on an exciting pre-launch event, please visit the official site tera.enmasse.com and follow the game on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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