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Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, the latest instalment in Arc System Works’ legendary GUILTY GEAR series, is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Steam.

Featuring award winning graphics and animation systems, the most open-ended combat system in fighting games, the most comprehensive tutorials around and new accessibility options, REV 2 represents the ultimate edition of GUILTY GEAR Xrd, the king of the action packed ‘airdasher’ fighting games.

New characters join the fray in REV 2, with the inclusion of Baiken, a long-time fan favourite and Answer, playable for the first time in GUILTY GEAR. Let’s take a closer look at the latter, the business ninja – Answer.

The right-hand man to self-proclaimed president, Chipp Zanuff, Answer is focused, professional and reliable. After initially disliking Chipp and challenging him to a duel, which he then lost convincingly, they have developed a strong friendship. Answer often has to cover for Chipp in both politics and business, earning him the moniker of The Business Ninja. He works tirelessly to manage the affairs of the Eastern Kingdom of Chipp and is always trying to get their nation recognized as a legitimate country by other governments.

Answer utilizes long range on his attacks to control space on the ground and his incredible speed and agility to move around the screen and mix his opponents up at a rapid pace. His Savvy Ninpo: Request for Approval (ninja scrolls) allow him unparalleled mobility and strong mix-up potential.

Answer’s Resshou, his grounded palm strike attack is safe on block and is an excellent option for ending strings of blocked attacks or cancelling with a Red Roman Cancel for extended combos.

Answer is capable of putting on relentless pressure with safe blockstrings and a hard-to-read mix-up game that can put even the strongest opponents on their heels. But if he catches them being too defensive he has a command grab to break their guard, the Savvy Ninpo: Tax Write-off, a devastating ninja izuna drop. It can also be performed in the air and Red Roman Cancelled for extended combos.

With incredible speed, mobility, mix-ups and safe attacks, Answer is very solid when he goes in, but he also has a projectile, the Business Ninpo: Caltrops. He throws a business card as if it’s a shuriken that then embeds itself in the ground. From there he can either teleport to the position of the card or send a shadow clone to attack from it. The projectile can be Yellow Roman Cancelled and followed up on.

Being a very offensively minded character, Answer’s defensive options are limited – his only invincible attack is the Burst version of his super, which require a lot of resources. His main tool in a tight spot is the Savvy Ninpo: Data Logging, a quick counter move that beats high attacks and throws.

With the Savvy Ninpo: Request for Approval set on the screen, Answer has an incredibly strong pressure game when he scores a knockdown on his opponent. By placing the K version of the scrolls over the downed opponent, Answer has a variety of dangerous options too mix his opponents up.

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