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The Kickstarter campaign for the World War II base building game Ground of Aces by Swiss-Polish developer studio Blindflug Studios has reached its goal of 30,000 Euros within four hours. The studio thanks its community for their strong support and presented the first stretch goals for additional content. The first two additional stretch goals of 40,000 and 50,000 Euros respectively have already been reached. Players can now look forward to bringing pets along on their air bases and building new structures for gathering intel on the enemy. While there are a few minor stretch goals in between, the next major goal is 100,000 Euros to add Germany as a playable party in the theatrical campaign, which tells the story of the Battle of Britain.

The Kickstarter campaign for Ground of Aces:

In Ground of Aces players will be able to build and micromanage a World War II air base that is inhabited by a diverse cast of pilots and crew members. While you can play Ground of Aces in a never-ending free build mode, the Theatre Campaigns will give you specific glimpses into World War II and the challenges air bases and their crews had to face, such as the story of the Battle of Britain. It is inspired by free form base builder games like Rimworld and Going Medieval and history strategy games like Hearts of Iron IV. The art style will pay homage to the “ligne claire” style of Franco-Belgian comics like Biggles and Buck Danny. The game is being developed for PC, with a planned release in 2024.

Additional information is available on the official website of Ground of Aces. The Kickstarter campaign can be supported via this link.

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