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Let’s have look in the recent past. We published an article on the decreasing popularity of the CoD franchise and now what do we have here. Looks like Call of Duty franchise is looking to get that extra edge in for maintaining a captivating gaming experience for its fans. Advanced Warfare had brought us jetpacks and now Black Ops 3 is going to give us Prince of Persia (pun intended). CoD has a new game mode called Race Against The Clock or Free Run, in which all we have to do is cover a course using our cybernetic equipment to run on walls or jump long distances  and shoot targets along the way. So basically, it seems like our article on “Has CoD lost its charm?” has been smacked by the developers themselves. It’s like all the lost CoD fans have got a ray of hope.

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The Free Run in the game looks beautiful with all the mist filled environment and the futuristic walls make for a good contrast. This mode had been on the plate for quite some time now and finally with CoD BO 3 we will be able to experience the thrill in quite good a fashion. This also opens up new possibilities in terms of competitiveness. Players will now have something else other than shooting to compete in. I guess this mode can be played in online and split screen also. With this CoD might become a game which can be played with your best buddy by just having an extra controller. The game will not only focus on shooting but will also be looking to expand its horizons with the full 3-D movement system. This way the players  will have to welcome a new challenge and can have different approaches to a certain objective.



The live gameplay was refreshing and we are thinking that there is some reason for excitement for all players, whether they are CoD fans or not. Gamers may even see CoD leave Battlefield behind in their long running rivalry. We can only be certain about all this speculation when the game launches this November 6. Let us know what you think about the new game mode in the comments below and has this new mode made you inclined towards buying the game.

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