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The upcoming Forgotten Gods Expansion pack for Crate’s hit ARPG Grim Dawn is adding a new game mode in the form of Shattering Realm.

According to the forum description, “the Shattered Realm is unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed, teeming with wealth and power beyond imagining, but also dangers not unlike those that you face even now on Cairn. Whatever entity crafted this realm, it seems it has long vanished and, with its absence, the reality crumbles.
It is very much a reflection of Cairn’s physical reality, but broken and distorted. You will visit locations that seem familiar and yet not.”

Shattering Realm is described as infinite dungeons with various mutators, modifiers and of course, tonnes of sweet loot  including the most powerful Rune Augments in existence and an item set that reflects your mastery of this unstable reality.

You can view a sneak peak of the game mode below.

Forgotten Gods is coming later this year for grim Dawn.

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