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God of Riffs, the rhythmic heavy metal slasher from publisher Vyersoft and developer Boss Music Games, breaks through skeleton swarms into v1.0 on Steam today with support for Meta Quest and Rift.

God of Riffs

Platoons of sacrilegious scum are turned loose to set the world ablaze, marching with malicious intent and not a single soul to stop them. In a moment of dire need, the metal gods call out for a fearless champion to embark on a rhythmic journey into the devil’s domain. Answer their cries and brave forth to save humanity from a sad, rhythmless afterlife.

Expertly wield twin axes to slaughter hordes of demonic skulls and ruthless skeleton soldiers to the tune of some savory metal licks. Perfectly sync devastating attacks with shrieking guitar riffs and monstrous drum lines in thematic landscapes inspired by old school heavy metal flair. Headbang to tracks from The Tiberian Sons and SWERY in addition to eight original beats that will keep the energy flowing and evil at bay.

Downing the Lord of Silence’s minions in the fiery pit of the underworld won’t be enough to halt this vicious crusade. Accuracy and strength behind every deadly swing will garner more points and ascend a righteous hero to the top of the leaderboards. Turn up the heat with a variety of customizable difficulty settings, or turn it down a notch for those who just wanna rock out.

God of Riffs

“It has been a long journey, we are very excited to share all of our hard work and dedication with our audience,” said Mathew Palumbo, Company Director at Boss Music Games. “As enthusiasts of video games and heavy metal ourselves, we hope to serve up a unique and satisfying experience for all rockstars and metalheads to enjoy.”

God of Riffs launches into v1.0 on Meta Quest, Meta Rift, and Steam today with a 30% launch discount for $9.99. To learn more, please visit the official website and Facebook page. Follow Vyersoft on Twitter, Boss Music Games on Twitter and Instagram.

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