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PC vs Consoles. The debate which you are very well likely to encounter in every second conglomeration of gamers. The debate which has been one-sided for more than a decade, but the tables seems to have turned now, for better or worse. PC was indeed regarded as the superior platform for quite a while due to pretty obvious reasons. PCs were the undoubted choice over consoles due to the sheer versatility they offered. You can always upgrade a part of your build if you feel like your hardware is failing to keep up to the latest games. Moreover, the lucrative sales on Steam where people can lay their hands on artistic gems for quite a meager amount, played an ample role in entitling the platform as the “Master Race”. The fact that PCs definitely has the upper hand if we consider things apart from gaming still holds true, but, for people whose foremost objective is to play only games hassle free, then the current scenario will definitely make it difficult to make a choice. Well, to be honest, PCs definitely have some attributes which consoles won’t be able to ever deliver, but, they look good only in a “pc vs console” debate, and when it comes to the scenario of gaming, especially now, the actual case seems to be completely different.

  • Hardware costs



PC is better than consoles. Why? It provides the ability to play at native 4k. Players can also play games at the highest frame rates they want, but what it takes to achieve those frame rates? Some decent hardware. And by decent I mean, hardware costing atleast four times the cost of a console. No doubt, you get the ability to mod your PCs to your will, add attractive RGB lighting, water coolers and what not, but the actual fact is these things aren’t cheap, and  not for the average casual gamer, or to be precise, it’s for enthusiasts. The recent upsurge in the price of cryptocurrencies has led to massive increase in the amount of GPUs being sold for mining leading to massive shortage of stock, and consequently there has been a steep rise in the prices of GPU and sometimes even it’s availability. If we look at the prices of the GPUs which can potentially provide better performance than a console then we find that there has been a steep rise in the price, and, that is because of the recent rise in the utilization of gpus for mining.

Coming to another factor that influences better performance on PCs, is, memory modules or RAMs. There has been a massive increase in RAM prices since the beginning of 2017, and they are still rising. To quote Digital Trends: “The reason for the increase in RAM prices is similar to the reason it affects SSD prices — issues such as power outages affecting DRAM manufacturer Samsung have decreased RAM supply at the same time that demand continues to go up. Servers and mobile RAM are the primary drivers of the increased demand, particularly as Android smartphones continue to increase the amount of installed memory.” If we look at the prices of RAMs over the past year, we will be able to deduce that the RAM prices are up by almost four folds. The same holds true for SSD prices. Images below show the trends in RAM/SSD prices over the past year.

That was all about the price of a PC which will deliver more performance than a PS4. If we compare the prices of a PC which is able to deliver similar or slightly better performance than a console, or “console killers” as they are called, we will see that the net price is far more than a console. We tried to build a budget PC, using extremely low-end hardware and to no surprise, the price was much more than console, that too, excluding peripherals and software.

The total cost of this build was 720$ USD (46000 INR), and that excludes the monitor (100$/7000 INR) and other peripherals (100$/7,000 INR); that brings the price to 920$ (60000 INR), and if you add software and stuff, it will easily touch the 1000$ (65000 INR) mark. A PS4 costs around 30000 INR (468$) with which you get three games and an extra controller; that’s less than half of the price of a PC. Well I won’t be highlighting the obvious perks of owning a PC here, but then, if we compare the prices incurred in owning both the platforms, we will find that consoles definitely have the upper hand.

  • Exclusives – The Double Edged Sword

Exclusives are the main reason people tend to buy a console. PS4 exclusives never fail to amaze us, and with a plethora of highly anticipated and promising PS4 exclusives releasing in 2018, the fact is further consolidated. To name a few, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne, are astounding pieces of art and arguably some of the best games the video gaming industry has ever seen, and unfortunately they are not on PC. Though, the fact that PC also has some amazing exclusives cannot be denied. CSGO, Dota, LoL, WoW are some of the exclusives which are played by millions on PC even after years of their release, and, form a major part of eSports. But unfortunately, the frequency of release of good exclusives on PC has gone down a lot lately. The reason why developers are pushing  exclusives on consoles, is, one of the reasons why some people resort to PC gaming and that leads to the third point of my article, i.e., piracy.

  • Piracy and How It Affected PC Gaming

Piracy has been on for quite some time now and never tends to cease. Whenever there is a new protection technology in the market, someone or the other find a way to bypass it. And that is the reason why people have resorted to consoles. Let’s not consider that baseless fact that piracy increases sales fact, and rather focus on stats. Going by the sales of the two leading developers in video game industry, we see that console sales account for a majority of their sales.

Piracy is indeed affecting video game sales, and the developers have started incorporating anti piracy technologies in their games to ensure that it is not cracked easily. Well implementation of anti-theft technologies like Denuvo is fine, but they have their drawbacks. First, is the potential increase in price of the games. Well, this fact is a bit wayward to some extent, but the very common fact that anti-piracy technologies cost a hefty sum cannot be denied, and hence this might have led to the increase in the prices of video games, but, there is again no concrete proof regarding the same as many non-Denuvo titles also sell for the mean 60$ price. Secondly, we have certain optimization issues leading birth due to these anti piracy softwares. Well, again there is no concrete proof regarding this, but going by Voksi’s statement,the person who had earlier bypassed Denuvo’s anti tamper tech, the multi layered anti piracy protection in Assassins’ Creed Origins has led to the game using the full CPU on the beefiest of the rigs. To quote Voksi, “While I was playing, I put memory breakpoint on both VMProtect sections in the exe to see if it’s called while I’m playing. Once the breakpoint was enabled, I immediately landed on vmp0, called from game’s code. Which means it called every time this particular game code is executed, which game code is responsible for player movement, meaning it’s called non-stop.” In simpler words, “Basically, Ubisoft have implemented VMProtect on top of Denuvo, tanking the game’s performance by 30-40%, demanding that people have a more expensive CPU to play the game properly, only because of the DRM. It’s anti-consumer and a disgusting move,” to quote Voksi again. A Ubisoft spokesperson denied the same by saying that “the anti-tamper solutions implemented in the Windows PC version of Assassin’s Creed Origins have no perceptible effect on game performance”. That brings a sort of a question mark over Voksi’s claim, but the fact that the game suffers severe performance issues on PC cant be denied. Moreover, if we compare it to the PS4 version of the game, the PS4 version delivers far more stable FPS than PC.

Assassins Creed Origins is not the only game to be affected by piracy. We had earlier seen PC ports of games being delayed, a very good example being GTA 5, all for the sole reason, piracy. It’s pretty obvious that the developers delayed the PC port of the game, to make sure that they make the most revenue from the console releases. It is for this reason, that developers have just started making more exclusives, as it would more easily help them in reaching their target revenue instead of releasing on PC, and adding anti tamper tech to make sure it’s not pirated. Moreover, many pc ports were really not of the finest quality, mostly because of the developers tend to cut costs, even outsource their games to 3rd parties knowing that the rampant piracy in the PC gaming platform will hurt their sales considerably. The whole Arkham Knight debacle is such a strong example.

  • Longevity & Optimization

It is a very commonly stated fact that consoles are a one time investment to some extent, while PCs do require regular upgrades. Well, instead of believing in the much bloated facts, lets focus on stats ( sorry for the unintentional alliteration). The PS4 was released in the extreme latter half of 2013. A GPU which will be able to deliver similar FPS as compared to the PS4, and released during the same period is the 750ti. Here is the performance of the 750ti, paired with a i5 2500, in ACO.

The game averages in the lower 20s at 1080p, and experiences drops below 20 and infrequent stuttering. To be precise it is barely playable. On the other hand, the PS4 runs the game at native 1080p at 30 fps most of the times. There are are some drops in highly populated areas and in cutscenes. But comparing it to the Pc of comparable graphical capabilities, we see that the console (Ps4 here) has the upper hand. Thus, the PS4 is still able to run the latest titles fairly while the PCs of the same gen suffer.

Consoles definitely clock down the framerate and resolution to 30 fps and 1080p or 900p respectively, but, they do provide stable fps in “most” games. 30 fps is looked down upon, and considered a major drawback for console gamers, but then again if we consider the costs of building a PC which can achieve constant 60 fps, we might end up incurring more cost than a console. Consoles also regarded as graphically inferior to PC. Well, to be honest, the difference is hardly noticeable unless one is using a 2000$ rig. The video below further consolidates this point. the PC version of the game definitely has better textures, more detailed shadows and better anti aliasing, but unless one looks eagerly to spot out  the differences, they will hardly find one.

  • Game Prices/Availability

Another reason why PC gaming is regarded superior to console gaming is the cheaper prices of games on steam, and, the regular sales where games are offered at dirt cheap prices. Well, in a regular steam sale, you can get games for as low as 1$. Consoles on the other hand, do get discounted games, but the price is still considerably high. But the very fact that is forgotten by many is that physical copies are more widely available on PS4. Now physical copies do have their own disadvantages too, but their advantages overweigh their disadvantages. The foremost advantage is the ability to resell the physical disks after playing the game. Many of us do end up buying games which we don’t even play and regret afterwards, thanks to the lucrative deals on steam, but this can be avoided on consoles due to the availability of physical copies which can be readily be sold again at a decent price. Moreover, the dramatic increase in size of video games, has made owning digital copies more demanding, as one will have to likely wait a day or two to play the game if they have a below average internet connection. While physical copies can be played directly ( I am ignoring the game updates/patches here) and can be reinstalled conveniently and more readily as compared to digital copies.

  • Multiplayer and eSports

One of the foremost advantages of PC gaming is the ability to use online features of a game at no cost. On the other hand, consoles do charge a monthly sum for allowing players to access online features of the game, but, there are certain perks too, which are associated with those subscriptions. PS Plus for example, provides two new games every month, and, massive discounts on existing games for its subscribers. Although these additional benefits can sound extremely lucrative, PC gaming does have an upper hand if multiplayer aspects are concerned, due to the availability of online features at no cost and since a majority of the eSports games are only available on PC.


With gpu and ram prices increasing every time someone sneezes, and the rumors that Nvidia’s upcoming Volta gpus will be 20% more effective in mining than GTX 1080 Ti doesn’t look too good for the pc market or someone who is trying to build their first ever gaming pc. There has been constant reassurances that the prices will subsidize, but you are better off to waiting for Half Life 3 rather than waiting for the prices to drop. Not everyone can opt for a 2000 $ PC, especially the average gamer who wants to experience all the perks of PC gaming and the only defence the entitled elitist seems to have is that PCMR is for the one’s who are willing to shell out reasonable money to benefit from the master platform and things become full circle. Does the enhanced experience truly justify the massively overpriced hardware costs? or are you willing to pay twice or thrice as much to gain the benefits of pc gaming, the ones mentioned above?  With problems like piracy and inflated hardware costs not seeming to resolve in the near future, there is no denying that consoles seem like the best bang for buck choice for people who just wants to play their games without spending an outrageous amount of money.

  1. Couple of mistakes in the article.
    First one: price of a PC vs price of a console
    Obviously a console will be a better in its own price category, the difference between the prices of a PC setup and a console (lets stick to PS4) decreases overtime. First up your calculation included a monitor for the PC setup but you forgot to include the price of a display for the PS4. It’s only a fair comparison if you include (or exclude) the price of the display for both sides. Let’s exclude it for now, true that you will need peripherals so we gonna keep that extra 100$ on the PC build.

    Right now:
    PC 820$
    PS4 468$
    Let’s say you want to play Battlefield 1 Revolution edition on both systems.
    Cost on PC: somewhere around 30$ my friend just bought it,
    Cost on PS4: 60$ BUT WAIT you cant play without PS+ quickly grab another 60$
    PC is at 850$
    PS4 is at 588$

    This is just after one game, obviously the PS+ lasts for a year for 60$, it offers sometimes good games sometimes erm not so good games, they are technically “free” im not here to nitpick about the quality of some of the free games. You keep playing and playing, after 4 more years you’ve spent an additional 240$ just for the PS+ sub. That puts us at:
    PC is still at 850$
    PS4 is at 828$

    Let’s quote the article here for a second: “that’s less than half of the price of a PC”.

    But at this point you might say yeah, but throughout 5 years of PS+ sub, we got over a 100 free games, I’ve been subbed to PS+ for more than 2 years, I’ve played probably 5 of those free games so far, but that is technically correct, you get free games for your PS+ sub, but keep in mind PC gamers get many free games as well through HumbleBundle, GoG, Uplay, Origin On the House and so on. Not to mention you can buy a bundle of games on Humblebundle for an insanely low price and they are yours forever (meanwhile PS+ games are only yours when you have PS+ sub otherwise you cant play them).

    The piracy paragraph is technically a joke, an EU study, conducted in 2017 already proved that piracy has a lot less impact on sales, in some cases it even increases the legal sales.

    Consoles are regarded inferior in power, thats true, but you dont need to spend much more money on a PC (eg. the one you’ve listed above) to achieve 1080p / 60fps in high/ultra settings. Thats increased graphical fidelity, plus twice as many frames for you. Thats very noticeable.

    Playing games in the same qualtiy costs less on PC almsot immediatly.
    Playing games in much higher quality costs more on PC initially, but the total cost difference decreases overtime.
    And in before people attack me being a PC master shill: I own every Sony home console, I used to play a lot of games on them, I mostly bought the PS4 to play the exclusive games. Im strongly thinking about buying a Switch for the exact same reason. I’m not a console peasant nor a PC shill, I just love video games and I always try to enjoy them in the highest possible quality.

    1. sadly I dont have the spare money that you have plus buying consoles outside of western and japanese markets is kind of insane anyways. So I game on PC exclusively and I have to say that if you can only have one platform then best to go for PC. The money you will save on games and online play coupled with all the other uses a PC has easily makes the PC the best gaming platform.

      (not to mention that almost all games work better on PC even dark souls and you have mods)

      1. Actually, the game performances on Consoles (at their comparable configurations) are more consistent on PCs.
        Of course PCs give you the option to buff up your RIG, and enjoy the game on extreme settings, but again that was the point of the article, the fact that PC gaming is not as cost effective as it used to be.

        1. GPU and RAM prices will go down eventually when the cryptocurrency bubble bursts. PC has always been more cost effective and will continue to be so for years to come even when consoles also become branded PC’s in a gen or two.

          Also I assume you are Indian like me and know that games prices for consoles (3k and upwards) used to be insane compared to prices for games for PC (999 and upwards) until around end of 2016 when the likes of Ubi and EA raised prices for PC games to match console game prices and everyone else followed suit. Even now tho thanks to regional pricing on steam, buying the same game for a console compared to a PC can mean you end up paying almost twice.

          1. The entire team is indeed Indian, and like I said the article talks about the situation currently. If the prices do go down and PC building becomes cheaper again we would be the first to publish that news.

    2. First of all kudos for making a sensible and nuanced argument.
      That’s a very nice breakdown OF A PARTICULAR SCENARIO, but let’s say you buy a single player game, then the costs remain the same don’t they.
      And before you say , no one is going to play just one game for 4 years, then that’s exactly what you have done in the example above.
      Both of these examples are a study in isolation.
      In a more practical example, in a span of 4 years, a gamer will buy various games, and while the cost of games might be higher on the PS4 side (again for the sake of argument), I believe towards the end of those 4 years (a better cycle would be 8 years that’s when a normal console life cycle tends to end), to keep up with the performance metrics of those times, you would have to upgrade, and with the rise in increase of prices in both RAM and GPUs, the PC cost may overrun the PS4 cost (assuming all games are bought on release day), which is the kind of the point of this article, that while PC gaming might still be the most well performing hardware, its not as cost effective as it used to be.

      1. The case would be almost always the same with single player games. Couple of recent examples I bought myself:
        NiOh – Bought it day one for PS4 with Season pass for 85$
        NiOh – Bought it the same week it was released on PC with season pass for 40$

        FFXV – Preordered normal edition 60$, bought the season pass later on for 25$
        FFXV – PC Windows Edition preordered for 50$ (It also has more content than normal edition + season pass)

        These are single player games ,there are multiplayer elements I know but their main focus is on the single player experience. After only 2 games the price difference is 80$ which is almost enough to get a tier higher GPU or better CPU, more RAM or additional 2 games you name it.

        I only listed one example in my initial comment because its representative. Listing more games would have increased the gap between the prices of console and pc games in favour of the PC. The freshly listed single player games confirm this as well.

        I don’t know how many games the average gamer buys yearly, I buy around 20, at least half of them are fresh AAA games and the other half is either indie (like Cuphead) or some sort of older game my friends would like to play. Now im not gonna go balls deep into math and calculations im just gonna take the above mentioned 2 games as basis. That means after the 10 fresh AAA games I buy for the PC, I have around 400$ more left in my pocket compared to buying them on PS4 for example. Now this 400$ can be considered as a “best case scenario” in terms of “saving” money. To keep it normalized I’m gonna halve this 400$ and keep on calculating with 200$ instead. Saving 200$ after 10 games is achievable easily on PC.

        So after a year I’ll have 200$ extra. You recommended calculating with 8 years cuz thats how long a console cycle usually is. After 8 years Im left with around ~1600$ extra. Using my PC as an example which I’ve built for ~1350$ a bit more than 4 years ago. The only thing I’ve changed during the last 4 years was my GPU, not because it was outdated (was an R9 290) but I just didnt like AMD and switched to a GTX1070 more than a year ago. I sold my old card and used the money plus ~150$ extra to buy the GTX1070. That puts my system at a total of 1500$. A system that handles everything on ultra settings, paired with a 144Hz monitor so I can go way above 60FPS, easily. I don’t really feel the need to upgrade the machine and im pretty sure it still has at least 2-3 years before I need to lower the quality in games or before it drops below 60FPS.

        Quick breakdown:

        PC total price: 1500$
        PS4 plus 8 years of PS+: 966$
        Money saved on PC after 8 years (10 games / year) = 1600$
        Net difference in favour of PC: 1066$
        So even if I need to upgrade my PC down the line i’ll have 1066$ to do so which is more than enough for upgrading. Keep in mind this is based on my gaming habits, if you buy more games the gap would be even bigger, if you buy fewer games then obviously the opposite.

        Did the PC initially cost more? Yes it did, but after year 8 i’ll still have to spend less money on it in total while I can enjoy higher graphical fidelity, stable framerate in games plus all the extras a PC can offer ranging from multitasking to work. Does this whole stuff gonna stop me from buying God of War 4 on the 20th april? Hell no.

        On the side note, bear with me for a second it wont be long: after observing some of my friends and their PC buying habits I can tell what is the biggest problem some of them did. Settling down for very low specs. Even tho they had the money to opt for better builds they didnt feel like spending more money on the system so some of them went with entry level gaming systems. Problem with these is, you have to upgrade them frequently. Tho you can sell the old parts you still lose some money with every upgrade you make. Instead of going with an entry level system save a bit more money and try to get a better one. Trust me in the end it will worth it. I know some cant wait another 2-3 months they want to play right off the bat, but please don’t. Thanks for your time.

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