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Geforce GTX Rocket League bundle offers Rocket League with every GTX 1050,1050Ti and 1060 purchase

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Ever fancied soccer? Ever fancied driving a car?  Why not both, because that’s what the game Rocket League is all about, a game in which cars play soccer with a huge ball. Fancy soccer with cars? Get a chance at it whenever you upgrade your system with suitable NVIDIA Geforce powered graphics cards.

In order to commemorate the Rocket League World Championship, taking place on 2nd-4th June in Los Angeles, NVIDIA has partnered with Psyonix to bring the Geforce GTX Rocket League bundle. Gamers get a copy of Rocket League for every purchase of the GTX 1050,GTX 1050Ti or the GTX 1060 based graphics card, desktop PC or notebook, including the recently launched NVIDIA Battlebox Essential.

Anyone fancies an upgrade and a decent indie game to get into? Now’s the perfect time to click the “Checkout” button!

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