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Gambling is a huge industry and it is popular all over Asia. In China, Macau is the mecca for gamblers from around the world, with millions visiting from both China and abroad to try their luck in some of the biggest and most prestigious casinos in the world. Other countries are following suit, with gambling resorts popping up in South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines to name just a few. All are looking to make a killing from the massive market potential in this region. Why then India does not receive nearly the same amount of interest as its neighbors?

Nice Little Earner

After all, unlike China, India is a fully capitalist democracy. It has a large and busy economy that’s got a huge global turnover. There’s also a massive population that, it appears, could potentially favour the gambling industry. Plus, the economy is more flexible and the government is more stable unlike in China, whose reputation is clouded by oppressive social policies and undemocratic regime practices.

Cashed Out

With all this in mind though, India still doesn’t have nearly enough adequate options to offer the modern gambling enthusiast, like BetBright Review and online casino experience, for example. The products on offer leave much to be desired and will need to be broadened and improved if India hopes to unlock its potential and attract an international gaming clientele. Despite this, however, Indians do seem to display an interest in gambling and the legal casinos that do exist enjoy high attendance. The more affluent people of India have also shown a proclivity for attending gambling facilities abroad. There are gaming companies in India like Silver Heritage that are aware of the market’s potential and are trying to put themselves in a position to take advantage of it.

Future Winnings

If estimates are anything to go by, India’s middle and upper class population is set to be between 300 and 500 million by the year 2025. That’s obviously a massive consumer base that India’s gaming industry could support like uk online slot developers do with their clients. That’s not taking into account an international customer base that could be attracted to India to take advantage of the gaming facilities if a resort city like Macau was to be established in one or more areas. It’s really time that the Indian government and federal and state authorities realised what a gold mine they are sitting on.

High Potential And Benefits

If steps aren’t taken to monetize this potential, however, this source of economic profit will continue to go unobserved. The potential benefits of developing the gambling industry in India include an increase in tourism, generation of more revenue, and greater employment rates. Already, almost half the gambling in the country happens illegally. It’s time for the government to stop trying to hold back the tide and embrace the benefits that gambling could bring all over the country.

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