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Frostwood Interactive’s Forgotten Fields is now live on Kickstarter

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Forgotten Fields, the next game from the creator of Rainswept has gone live on Kickstarter. The game funding goal of the game is set at 11,896 and this campaign offers players a selection of several rewards, including the chance to grab a copy of Rainswept, the developer’s first title.

The game’s demo will go live tomorrow as part of the Steam Summer Gaming Festival.

Forgotten Fields follows the story of Sid, a writer currently struggling for inspiration but desperate for his next book grant. What makes Sid’s creative block all the worse is the deadline for the grant is today – a Sunday!

Sid’s creative struggles are amplified when he’s invited by his mother to a small party at his childhood home. This is the final time he’ll visit the house he grew up in before it’s sold, but that doesn’t make Sid any more interested in the event he feels obliged to attend. Join Sid as he reluctantly journeys back home, meets friends, and relives old memories in this game about nostalgia, creativity, and the passage of time.

Following a tightly written narrative, players will get the chance to play through sections of Sid’s half-baked book idea as he experiences sudden bursts of inspiration, and even make some key decisions that affect the outcome of both stories.

Join Sid as he reluctantly journeys back home, meets old friends, relives memories, and attempts to kick start his creativity back into gear. Also take part in his creative process as you play through interactive sections depicting the story he’s attempting to write.

Forgotten Fields is a warm, cozy game about nostalgia, creativity, appreciating the present, and the passage of time. It’s about accepting the reality of impermanence and the shortness of life.


  • A story focused on nostalgia and time that is sure to linger in your mind long after you’ve finished the game.
  • Deep characters with interwoven histories and well developed backstories.
  • A warm, atmospheric game world with a slice-of-life setting.
  • Vibrant visual style combined with a cinematic presentation.


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