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Forts is a physics-based action RTS, challenges players to construct custom bases and destroy their opponents’. The game is developed and published by Earthwork Games and was released on the PC on April 19.



Story And Narrative

When you hear ‘Forts’ you think that it would be another tower defence cannon fodder game with a minimalist approach towards the gameplay but what really happens is that you are thrown in a game physix based forts warfare with other world powers . Though it may sound fishy but that’s all there is to the story anyway. The game involves various strategy models on which player attacks the opposing party. Mind you it will give you a resemblance with games like Worms or Tanks but unlike these turn based Strategy games this is a real time strategy games with a complete different game pace. The only part fortifying in this game is the cute in game setting and the character’s dialogue.

Gameplay And Mechanics

The game has many different modes and this review covers all modes that matter. For the single campaign was a bit short and only dealt with specific scenario based encounters introducing the player with all aspects of the game .While the campaign had only three factions USA, Russia and China (Checkout the game for real names they are worth it), all fighting through their own nuclear generator powered forts around various oil fields across the globe (yeah using nuclear power to save fossil fuel).The gameplay involves the construction of a fort to destroy enemy construction of similar kind using your arsenal of mortar shells machine guns or sniper rifles.  The game physics are essential part of the gameplay felt every time a new construction action undertaken, i.e., when you try to create a barricade or a platform the new construction should be stable and defendable from enemy fire. This can be a bit frustrating as sometimes under relentless enemy offense it works against the player as one has to create same structures over and over while the AI does the same thing like its hardwired.   This puts off the balance in single player mode with the AI .The physics inside the game in terms of graphic sense can work like Angry Birds after all  it worked  well for that game.

Graphics Sound and Performance

The graphic layout is again in terms of a game which involves building up a fort at first you think there will be some change and play on and before you think any think else you realise it’s all mortar an lumber as the same mechanics which attributed throughout the game have become a big obstacle losing its graphic appeal all in all. There is a very funny story presentation giving the player a very humorous and vivid backdrop but apart from that nothing good can be said about the story content as its very streamlined like a mobile game which has to be completed by gaining enough stars from  the sub levels .Most of the work has been done inside the physics part which can be clearly seen by its presence in all aspects of the game .The offensive gameplay can be felt somewhat lacking with absence of any proper camera angles in some instances .The goddam sniper scope in 2D works shit this is something you realize very early part of the game as only AI works with the precision of Agent 47 while you cannot even fight like a  blind NPC from Call of Duty.

While my gaming machine is adequately made for AAA games this game somehow managed to crash three times in a row a feat considering its humble requirements . Apart from such faults there are various bugs and errors present such as the aim systems is mortar can miss its mark completely or the sniper situation mentioned earlier. While the physics is detailed and precise the overall gameplay is still quite lacking for all to be said .It could have learned from its aesthetic predecessor Worms to add features with aiming and shooting to at least fine tune the game .The complete balance of the game depends on the player’s  ability to multitask with a single pointer making it a bit of a sticky situation in terms of pc gaming as it removes the strategy element towards more of a shooting game element(always shoot and start a chain reaction).One can even question developers’ need to create a RTS on pc while using mobile game features to start with(making it turn based would have done it worlds of good according to me). Moreover the multiplayer also suffers with the continuous unbalance and bugs though it can be quite some fun once you get the wind of the game.


The unbalanced structure of the game dampens the fun in blowing stuff up. The camera angles on big guns could have been made it better. The overall character layout is fun but its all there is to it.

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