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Another season of Fortnite is over, which ended in the rocket leaving the surface, and shattering the sky. With tons of fan theories about the developing anomaly in the sky, Epic Games officially make the transition to season 5,  with tons of new added features to the game.

The All-Terrain-Kart is the second vehicle to be added to the game, after the shopping cart. Be it golfing, or taking out enemy squads with shotguns, the ATK is an all-purpose vehicle for the perfect family….err….squad outing.

With the anomaly spreading across the atmosphere, small rifts open up here and there, allowing you to transport from one place to another. Just get yourself into the rift and wish that it doesn’t transport you to another dimension or timeline.

With a time distortion in effect, journey to the Wild West during the Road Trip event to get a whole new appearance for your characters, as you save the 5% of the world’s population from the hordes.

The anomalies empower the hordes, which mean more teamwork is needed to survive the nights.

Get the new flintlocks to take out the hordes that break down your strongholds, making every shot count.

The new season yields new rewards in the form of emotes, gliders, skins and lot more! The all new Battle Pass offers 100 tiers of rewards worth 25000 VBucks or more, for a meagre price of 950 VBucks, and some hours – a lot of hours spent grinding.

A few vital changes to the game mechanics, like a nerf that can change the double shotgun meta so prevalent in Fortnite right now, have also been done to make the game more friendly with both beginners and veterans.

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