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The Kickstarter campaign for cozy, warm narrative game Forgotten Fields has now come to an end, hitting a total of  115% funding. The overwhelming backing for the campaign meant that the first stretch goal was achieved; bonus outfits for the lead character Sid.

In an update to the supporting community solo developer Armaan (Frostwood Interactive) said ‘it’s hard to describe how much it means to me. All this support has motivated me even more to make this game a special, meaningful experience.’

Forgotten Fields is currently being developed by Frostwood Interactive (Rainsweptand will be published by Dino DigitalThe game follows the story of Sid, a writer currently struggling for inspiration but desperate for his next book grant. What makes Sid’s creative block all the worse is the deadline for the grant is today – a Sunday! Sid’s creative struggles are amplified when he’s invited by his mother to a small party at his childhood home. This is the final time he’ll visit the house he grew up in before it’s sold, but that doesn’t make Sid any more interested in the event he feels obliged to attend. Join Sid as he reluctantly journeys back home, meets friends, and relives old memories in this game about nostalgia, creativity, and the passage of time.

Forgotten Fields is a slice of life game that follows a tightly written narrative. Players will get the chance to play through sections of Sid’s half-baked book idea as he experiences sudden bursts of inspiration, and even make some key decisions that affect the outcome of both stories.

What press have said about the Forgotten Fields demo.

The Escapist 
“Rather than emphasizing the tension and stress through extensive dialogue or exposition, Forgotten Fields lets the feeling speak for themselves.”

Keen Gamer
“There is a distinct attraction to the time of one’s formative years. Enter Forgotten Fields, an indie game that plays devil’s advocate for suck indulgence.”

Alpha Beta Gamer
“A trip home well worth taking”

Forgotten Fields is currently planned for a release towards the end of this year, initially releasing on PC via Steam. The demo is still available now via the steam page if you’re interested in trying a slice of the games warm and cozy story.


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