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Just because you bought a new gaming laptop, doesn’t mean you are done shopping. In order to get the best gaming experience, there are a few other things you will need. Today we examine five accessories you should consider for your gaming laptop before you ever sit down to enjoy your favorite game. These Computer accessories will make your life easier, improve the overall gaming experience, and even protect both you and your laptop while you play. While there are many different accessories you could buy, this list represents five that you really should be buying and using with your new laptop today.

Gaming Mouse

This is, by far, the most important accessory you will buy for your gaming laptop. The trackpads on gaming laptops often face fierce criticism, and with good reason. In most cases these trackpads are included as almost an afterthought as gaming laptop makers assume you will be purchasing a mouse. A gaming mouse will give you better control over your games and make those long play sessions much easier to tolerate. On top of that, a high quality gaming mouse such as the Logitech G903 gives you high DPI settings, programmable buttons, and cool design to be the perfect accessory for any gaming laptop.

Gaming Keyboard

While I have to admit this one isn’t as important as a high quality mouse, it can be essential if your gaming laptop is your main computer. Using a laptop keyboard for long periods of time isn’t the most comfortable proposition, no matter how great some of the keyboards are on the gaming laptops. A high quality gaming keyboard can bring the comfort you need for those longer play sessions along with programmable keys to make your frequent tasks in your favorite games that much easier to pull off. They are also great if you use your gaming laptop for other things, such as typing or even designing videos and graphics.

Gaming Controller

Now I’m not here to debate what is better, a keyboard and mouse or a controller. The reality is both options have their merits and both work better for certain types of games. For example, I don’t think there is any debate on FPS games. A keyboard and mouse just works better. However, for driving and racing games, I believe that a controller is a much better option. You want the best tool for the job, after all. While there are many different controllers out there for PC, one of the best is the Xbox One controller. It’s easy to setup and configure on Windows and works great with almost every PC game that supports a game controller.

Laptop Cooling Pad

This one won’t be for everyone, but I do believe it is essential for most gamers who like to play in areas that aren’t, shall we say, cooling friendly. Sure, you won’t need a cooling pad if you are playing at desk with good ventilation, but what if you want to sit on your couch or on your bed and play? A laptop cooling pad will allow you to do just that. You simply place the laptop on the pad and you are ready to game. Most pads are equipped with fans to give your laptop a cool breeze to help keep it cool while it powers your favorite game. In the end, it will not only keep the laptop cool, but if it’s in your lap, it will save you from your leg burn, as well. I highly recommend one of these handy accessories if you ever enjoy playing your games in nontraditional places. In the end, if you use one, both your lap and your laptop will thank you.

Stereo Headset

We all know how important sound is to a good PC game. Unfortunately, laptop sound is, and has always been, lacking. This is mainly due to the limited amount of space in a laptop, but it can also be attributed to the importance of surround sound in modern games. How many laptops have speakers behind you? That’s right, none. Now, if you game at home, a good set of speakers will do the trick. But if you game at home and on the road, then you will want a high quality stereo gaming headset to take with you. These headsets will give you the sound you want and need for your games, but they will also keep you from disturbing others around you when you’re out and about playing your favorite deathmatch.

There are hundreds of different accessories you could buy for your gaming laptop. This list
represents what I believe are the essential accessories you should consider for your gaming
laptop. In every single case, they will not only improve your gaming experience, but they will also help keep you comfortable so you can enjoy your favorite game without interruption for hours on end.

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