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Fire Emblem Warriors Update 1.2 To Release On November 16; Here Are The Details

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Fire Emblem Warriors released last month to positive reception on both Nintendo Switch and the New Nintendo 3DS. Koei Tecmo have announced an update that adds new gameplay elements and fixes:

– History Map: “Hero Contest”

This adds a new History Map “Hero Contest”; here Rowan and Lianna (the main protagonists of the game) battle against various characters in an arena.

– Armor Piercer Blow

This is a weapon attribute; on hitting an enemy with a weapon with this attribute will enter an “armor break” state that lowers their defense and resistance. However, it works both ways so your player character can be affected as well.

– Disrobe

This is a weird new mechanic that destroys any equipment Rowan and Liana are learning if they enter the “armor break” state and changes the character model.

– New Costumes

The “Golden Prince” and “Golden Princess” costumes have been added for Rowan and Liana respectively.

Other minor updates include:

  • Support for the free downloadable content “English Voice Pack” (available via the Nintendo eShop).
  • New blessings have been added to the temple.
  • Bulk sale of weapons added.
  • Bug fixes.

What do you think of this update? It will be available for download on November 16.

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