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Final Fantasy XV Recommended System Requirements Overview

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The Steam store may not have the system requirements for the upcoming Square Enix JRPG, but at least from gamescom, we do have an idea for what the recommended system requirements are going to look like. So let’s get into this without further ado:

Note- This may not be the final set of requirements because as development goes on the game will be optimized further (Hopefully)

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU– i7 3.4 GHz or Ryzen 1700
  • GPU– GTX 1080Ti
  • RAM– 16 GB
  • HDD– 170

Do keep in mind that all these are requirements for 4K output. With an i7, I am sure they are referring to anything about the 4th generation of i7’s and yet again, I do think that overclocked i5’s will work just fine in this case. As for the GPU, I am not sure what fps they are going for since it’s not mentioned, but considering that PC gaming is all about “60 fps”, I think the glorious number is the target here. So expect a GTX 1080 to perform near the 4k 30 fps bracket while the GTX 1070 will probably give an unstable 2k (Ultra settings). The 16 GB RAM is pretty standard for recommended system requirements these days. But oh boy is that HDD requirement huge. It is probably the second head turning moment this decade in terms of system requirements aspects only seconded to Star Citizen. 170 GB will probably make FFXV the largest PC game on the market storage requirement wise.

Let’s just hope the game is optimized because Nvidia is putting their “Gameworks (Or in other words, FPS tankers)” and there isn’t any game on the market that has released unscathed with Nvidia involving themselves. Yes I remember Arkham Knight. But as modern gaming scenario dictates- With internet, comes patches.

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